HAIIII!!!! my name is kei or kris and i am probably the most annoying person you will ever meet!! i am a south korean artist and i love video games, horror, cartoons, and music that makes me feel insane ^__^ my pronouns are they/it/kit, and you can find out more about that here!! also my birthday is july 25th..............that is all ! (falls into a vat of acid)

if you ever want to talk to me or want to be my friend, always feel free to message me on my instagram or discord!!! i may not respond right away since i'm not on social media 24/7 and have a hard time initiating convos, but i try my best to be sociable :) please make sure to respect my boundaries and don't talk to me like we're close friends if we just met tho! (like poking fun at me, calling me pet names et cetera)

by the way if you are any kind of bigot, abuser or support "problematic" content, my content is NOT for you and i will most likely block you if i notice you are following me.

i am by no means a professional in coding, so this website is a frankenstein of various codes ive scrambled from different forums and html tutorial sites online (;´Д`) it's also nowhere near being finished and will forever be a work in progress... i only really work on the site when i have the time and motivation, so please bear with me!!

i love...
video games, animation, args, music (esp metal, punk, etc..), horror, slashers, coding, cats, bugs, plushies, ramen, movies
i HATE!!!
people who hate kids, hateful people, insult humor, dolphins, thunderstorms, creepy dolls, summer, sports, school, veggies

check out my list of interests here!