welcum 2 my twisted mind!!! this website was meant for me to practice coding and share some of my interests, as well as other things i come across on the world wide web. feel free to look around and enjoy your visit...




03/08/22 - finished the links page and fixed up the other pages!

03/07/22 - updated my about page and finished my misc. page! added tons of blinkies and graphics ^__^

03/06/22 - 1 year anniversary of this website!!!! yipee!!!!! woohoo

01/05/22 - finished my home page (for now)! :D also added basic graphics like the banner, welcome sign, etc...

01/02/22 - website creation date! well, not really. i made my account on march 6, 2021 but today is when i decided to do a complete redesign since i wanted to make it more cool