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purrli - cat purring generator!! really soothing, i love having it on in the background while i work or when i want to calm myself down.

tree.fm - a site where you can listen to recordings of forests accompanied by a photo. relaxing and beautiful.

every noise at once - every music genre ever. literally. seriously check it out its really awesome

15.ai - a tts generator with a lot of voices to choose from! fun to mess around with or if you wanna make a funny video with your favourite character's voice!

pony town - an mlp game where you can make ponies and hang out with others! here are some of mine that i'm proud of:

mlp merch database - another mlp website, a huge database of official mlp merchandise.

vimm's lair - site dedicated to thousands of video game ROMs for emulation! i owe them my life honestly.

ninsheetmusic - a website full of piano sheets for video game soundtracks! i go here when i want to learn new video game songs but can't find them on musecore.

photomosh - super cool webGL tool that lets you glitch images, videos or gifs. i like to use it to add nice effects to my art.

mrinitialman - site i use to compare heights of my ocs or other characters when i'm drawing.

wonder of wonder art - neat little collection of various fun stuff by daniwell!! this one in particular makes your drawing dance to the music :) the link leads to one of mine! audio warning btw!!

utdr textbox generator - an undertale/deltarune textbox generator where it lets you choose a character and make them say stuff.

flowey's time machine - another undertale one, this lets you create save files for yourself at any point in undertale. it may cause glitches, but useful if you want to fight sans but don't want to do the entire no mercy route or something.

death generator - similar to the utdr textbox generator. lets you create textboxes from various old (and new!) video games.